Driving Today

Car Care Pays off Down the Road

In these troubled economic times, it makes sense to extend the life of your car.

High gas prices and tough economic conditions are taking their toll on Americans’ driving and spending habits. And they might not be making smart choices. According to a recent survey sponsored by AutoZone, more than half of U.S. drivers are making sacrifices in order to accommodate higher gas prices -- and some of those sacrifices may end up costing them more than they save.

Making shorter trips and cutting back on dining out are just a couple of ways motorists say they are compensating for paying higher gas prices, according to the survey. Nearly half of survey respondents said that the economy has had an impact on their decision to purchase a new vehicle, and this means an increasing number of older vehicles that should be serviced or repaired are on the road. According to the National Car Council, 80 percent of vehicles on the road are in need of service or parts. While Americans are keeping a tight grasp on their wallets, drivers shouldn’t neglect the importance of routine maintenance. A few dollars spent on car care can go a long way in increasing fuel economy and extending the life of the vehicle.

“Spending a few minutes and a few dollars performing routine maintenance checks can ease the pain at the pump and help extend vehicle life,” says Steve Stoll, director of merchandising at AutoZone. “A small investment in car care today could pay off down the road.”



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