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Get That Ticket Dismissed

A new soldier in the war on traffic tickets.

One way to avoid traffic fines is to avoid breaking traffic laws. But if you slip up, or if the officer who pulls you over is mistaken, you’ll want to contest that ticket and win your case. Now, for those of you who live in California, there is a new way to go about doing that. The just-introduced TicketHitMan.com claims it is the most comprehensive online full-scale traffic ticket fighting service in California. The innovative website offers a 100 percent online document filing service to help California drivers get their traffic tickets dismissed.

“This new site is an exciting venture, providing a complete online solution with a fully automated process, which includes traffic ticket information gathering, account creation, payment processing, paperwork processing and an in-depth interview about the client’s ticket citation circumstances,” says Steven F. Miller, TicketHitMan.com CEO. “We have worked hard to create the perfect solution for our clients to ensure the best possible outcome and experience when fighting a traffic ticket.”

The firm’s staff members use the in-depth interview answers to formulate a compelling Trial by Written Declaration in order to get clients’ traffic tickets dismissed in California. The company is so confident in its procedure that it offers a full money-back guarantee for the service fee if the ticket is not fully dismissed.

“This is the most convenient methodology in the industry, and we look forward to working with our new clients using this fully automated process,” says Miller. “Of course our seasoned expert traffic ticket staff will always provide personalized service to customers who prefer this.”



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