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Easy home projects: cabinetry fixes for faulty hinges

Easy home projects: cabinetry fixes for faulty hinges

When a cabinet hinge breaks, it can be frustrating -- but it’s an easy fix.

Typically, the hinge will be specific to that cabinet, and finding an exact match will depend on the manufacturer. There are thousands of cabinet hinges, so finding the right match may be somewhat of a needle-in-a-haystack scenario. If your cabinet has a manufacturer’s sticker on it, contact the manufacturer directly to find a replacement. If not, remove the hinge and take it to a home store and look for a hinge with holes that closely match the hinge you have, so you won’t have exposed screw holes.

An exact replacement will be simple to install: Attach the hinge to the cabinet door side first via the existing screw holes. Then, with the assistance of another person, place the other half of the hinge over the pre-existing holes of the cabinetry and screw in.

For a non-exact replacement, if the holes are off a bit, you’ll need to fill them in with wood putty to give the hinge a sturdy foundation. Select a wood putty that closely matches the finish of your cabinets, apply per the manufacturer’s directions and attach the new hinge following the directions above.

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