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Here’s how to modify your lawn maintenance for fall and keep your lawn and garden green.

Here’s how to modify your lawn maintenance for fall and keep your lawn and garden green.

During the scorching summer heat, our lawn maintenance is kicked into high gear, with our lawns and gardens receiving a lot of love. We feel the heat, so we’re more sensitive to the thirst-quenching needs of our flora friends. But as the season heads from a summer sizzle and to a winter chill, how much hydration should your lawn and garden receive?

The rule of thumb for fall lawn maintenance is to always water until you see runoff. That's when the soil is saturated and is no longer taking in any more water. (Think of it like when you drink from a big glass of water: You stop when you’re satisfied, right?)

That covers how much water your lawn needs, but what about how often? When it comes to frequency, look to the weather report. Because rainfall is chancy in some places and non-existent others, it's important to check in with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to get an overview of the coming week of weather in your area.

In general, here are some tips for lawn maintenance and how frequently you should water your lawn and garden:

  • Dry wind, common in fall, quickly dries out blades of grass -- so you’ll likely need to water more frequently during such conditions.

  • A spike in temps means you’ll definitely want to water that day.

  • Pay attention to color: Many turf grasses lose their bright green and take on a bluish cast when they are low on internal moisture.

The most common lawn maintenance task folks fail to do is to aerate their lawns. Compact soil not only prevents water absorption, it limits fertilizer from reaching its destination too. Aerating perforates the soil to create pathways for water and food penetration. You’d save a lot more water and have a more beautiful, healthier lawn if you aerated your lawn just once a year before the hot season!



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